Using the Kepler area telescope, an international group of scientists led by Peter Garnavich has captured the good flash of an exploding star’s shockwave. Jayaram Haravu (or L. J. Haravu) , Managing Trustee at Kesavan Institute of Info and Knowledge Management (KIIKM) and Pioneer of Open Source Library Software motion in India, creator of NewGenLib () built-in library system, April three, 2017, E-mail in LIS-Discussion board, PCCLIST, AUTOCAT on article Library and Data Science Videos and Resource Description & Access (RDA) blog – I congratulate Salman Haider for bringing to our notice this glorious initiative.

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The discussions at GWS present a sophisticated image of what science does and of how we use it. A scientifically literate individual (what we are trying to create by means of science training) would be snug with the concept “naturalness,” “ecological integrity,” “biodiversity,” and “resilience” are all constructs-things that we invented-rather than scientific info of some form.

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This fall we labored with high school lecturers in plenty of colleges and requested them to have college students fill out a short survey that requested about issues resembling whether or not scientists observing the identical phenomenon will reach the same conclusions, whether scientific theories change, whether science reflects social and cultural norms, whether or not scientists are inventive, and concerning the methodology of science.